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Home Insurance

Protect your investment with home insurance from AmeriChoice Insurance Agency. We offer a wide variety of homeowner insurance coverage. With coverage available up to $900,000, we provide replacement costs on personal property and dwellings.

Special Discounts

For customers who currently have auto insurance through Progressive™, we can provide you with discounts on your home insurance. Other special savings include home alarm discounts and basic security device discounts for having deadbolt locks and smoke detectors in your home. We also provide coverage for mobile homes.

Dump Truck

Commercial Auto

With our commercial auto insurance, we provide coverage for tow trucks, dump trucks, and artisan vehicles in the construction, carpentry, painting, and plumbing field. Additionally, we can provide limited coverage for 18-wheelers and big rigs; full coverage of your commercial vehicle is the same as auto coverage.

Happy Family

Life & Health Insurance

Get life and health insurance through our Progressive® agent. We offer term life insurance, such as 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year term policies. Mortgage protection is included. If one of the family members deceases prior to the other family members before the mortgage is paid, the insurance pays the mortgage off in full. You can also sign up for major medical health insurance, which covers illness, cancers, and anything health-related. Contact us for more details. (Written through Unicare®)

Contractor Insurance

Insurance Coverage For:

Plumbers | Contractors | Painters | Alarm Installers

Commercial General Liability Insurance:

Day Care | Catering | Churches | Coverage for Any Damage Done to the Property